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La Martiniere College is a prestigious institution located in the city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. The school was founded in 1845 by the French businessman and philanthropist Claude Martin, who built a large complex of buildings on the banks of the Gomti River, which came to be known as La Martiniere Estate. The school has a rich history and is renowned for its academic excellence, as well as its unique architecture and cultural heritage.


Claude Martin, the founder of La Martiniere College, was born in Lyon, France in 1735. He moved to India in 1752 and worked for the East India Company in various capacities. Over time, he amassed a great fortune and became one of the richest men in India. In 1800, he established a trust to provide for the education of poor European and Eurasian boys in Calcutta (now Kolkata), which came to be known as La Martiniere Schools. After his death in 1800, the trust was expanded to include girls, and later, boys and girls of all communities.

The Lucknow branch of La Martiniere College was founded in 1845 by Martin’s executor Major General Claude Martin Wade. The school was initially established as an orphanage for European and Eurasian boys but soon expanded its scope to include students of all backgrounds and communities. Over the years, the school has grown and evolved but has always remained true to its founding principles of providing quality education to all.

La Martiniere College Assembly


La Martiniere College is renowned for its unique architecture, which blends elements of European and Indian styles. The main building of the school, known as Constantia, is a large mansion built in the style of an eighteenth-century French chateau. The mansion is surrounded by sprawling lawns, gardens, and playing fields, which add to the charm and beauty of the campus.

The school also has a number of other buildings and structures, including a chapel, a library, a museum, and several dormitories. Each of these buildings has its own unique architectural style and adds to the overall character and ambiance of the campus.


La Martiniere College is known for its academic excellence and has a long tradition of producing some of the brightest minds in the country. The school offers a wide range of programs, including primary and secondary education, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The school is affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) and offers the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and Indian School Certificate (ISC) exams. The school also offers courses in the arts, sciences, and humanities, and has a number of extracurricular programs, including sports, music, drama, and debate.

Arial View of La Martiniere College

Culture and Heritage

La Martiniere College is not just a school, but also a cultural and heritage institution. The school has a rich legacy and has played an important role in the history and culture of Lucknow and India.

The school has produced many notable alumni over the years, including several distinguished politicians, academics, writers, and artists. Some of the school’s most famous alumni include former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, poet and novelist Vikram Seth, and actor Naseeruddin Shah.

The school also has a museum, which houses a collection of artifacts and memorabilia related to the school’s history and culture. The museum is open to visitors and provides a fascinating glimpse into the school’s rich legacy.


In conclusion, La Martiniere College is not just a prestigious educational institution in Lucknow, but also an architectural marvel and a landmark that holds significant historical and cultural value. Founded by the Frenchman Claude Martin, the school has come a long way since its inception in 1845, providing quality education to thousands of students over the years.

With its distinctive architecture, lush greenery, and sprawling campus, La Martiniere College stands as a testament to the rich heritage and culture of Lucknow. The school has produced several eminent personalities who have excelled in various fields, including politics, sports, and entertainment.

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