Picture of Sudan-returnees

391 People from Uttar Pradesh Safely Evacuated from Sudan through Operation Kaveri

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Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh: In a major relief to their families, 391 people from Uttar Pradesh who were stranded in Sudan due to the ongoing conflict were safely evacuated and brought back home through Operation Kaveri. The government of India launched this operation to rescue stranded Indian nationals in Sudan.

A government communique stated that out of the 2,700 Indians who have been brought back home so far, 391 are from Uttar Pradesh. The operation was conducted under the supervision of the Indian Embassy in Sudan and with the assistance of the Sudanese government.

Picture of Sudan-returnees
Picture of Sudan-returnees

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath directed officials to arrange buses to send the Sudan-returnees back to their home districts. The buses were arranged in accordance with the COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safe travel of the returnees.

As per the information provided, 67 people from Lucknow, 61 from Deoria, 46 from Gorakhpur, 38 from Kushinagar, 33 from Varanasi, 29 from Azamgarh, 15 from Ghazipur, 11 from Kanpur, and nine from Basti were among those rescued and brought back to Uttar Pradesh.

The returnees expressed their gratitude towards the Indian government for conducting the rescue operation and bringing them back to their homeland safely. They also thanked the Uttar Pradesh government for providing them with transportation to reach their respective hometowns.

The successful completion of the rescue operation is a testament to the Indian government’s commitment to the safety and security of its citizens, both within the country and abroad.

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